For the last IMC class, I ran a mock IMC, although in a shorter-than-IMC two hours and some compensatory hints. Scores were low, although I bet that’s more because the hints weren’t enough to compensate for the short time than because of the contestants, at least one of whom I’d bet will get a First Prize (the IMC’s equivalent of a silver, or maybe bronze, medal) this year.

Also, happy (belated, since this is being posted just after Fathers’ Day (happy Fathers’ Day, dad!)) Mothers’ Day, mom!


The last of my problem solving seminars was today, attended by relatively few BSM students (because people are traveling at the warm end of the semester), but also Sucrose and Discord, who, since they’d been to the CGMO and IMO, respectively, sped up the class quite a bit. (Sucrose would also want it point out that she’s been to the gender-independent IMC, but I say the CGMO’s a more impressive achievement.)

There were some talks at the Hungarian defense ministry today for the 20th anniversary of the Hungarian Fulbright (having stretched out the anniversary celebrations a bit), which I excused myself early for for board games, which I could plausibly call a prior commitment.

The somethingth anniversary of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Hungary after the latter’s takeover by communists was today, and there was a reception at the American ambassador’s house, with fancy finger food and lots of security.

My friend Sucrose and her boyfriend Discord are visiting Budapest this week. Yogurt, Sucrose! Yogurt, tofu-salmon-pasta-sprout-quiche-Krispix! (Get a real food tongue name! :)) Accordingly, I played my first competitive game of SET in ages. I’m out of practice, which I need to remedy before Mathcamp.

I did some sightseeing in Pe’cs today before returning to Budapest. Besides lots of nice parks, some notable sights:

This is what a religious society with a life expectancy then in the 40s spends its money on:

An interesting shape for a radio in the middle of nowhere:

Lots of lizards, which were really hard to get good pictures of:

Another phrase whose Roman numerals sum to the date it was engraved:

Also, the museum of mines was great; I think I was secretly born a dwarf. A very tall dwarf. Lots of passages like this:

(This post could also be titled Iter Sopianās, Fahrt nach Fünfkirchen, or Utazás Pécsre, the translations into Latin, German, and Hungarian, the dominant languages of the town at various points in history.)

The American Corner in Pécs hosts a weekly English conversation club to give Hungarians learning English a chance to practice; the American Fulbrighter in Pécs didn’t want to host it (doing her cultural ambassadorship elsehow, I guess), so it’s tried to recruit a new native English speaker every week, mostly from the other Fulbrighters in Hungary. So, I took a trip to Pécs today to host that club. Making idle conversation is hard, though. Then I did a bit of sightseeing in Pécs; I’m not returning until tomorrow, though.