I’m leaving Hungary today. My last name’ll be back to Hesterberg the moment I cross the Austrian border, and the blog’s tagline (Pesto Pesten, “Adam in Pest” in food tongue and Hungarian)’ll be obsolete even a bit before that, so this is my last post.

I’m taking trains northwest through Austria and Germany, doing some sightseeing on the way, to get as close as possible to America and thereby get the shortest flight possible, since I hate flying. Two days in Vienna, two in Munich, one in Konstanz (where my dad studied abroad), two in Frankfurt/Bonn, one day on a cruise down the Rhine (which is surprisingly barely more expensive than a train), and three days in Bonn. Gosh is everything expensive—I need to break the habit of converting prices in euros in forint mentally, because it makes everything frighteningly expensive. Also, Capital One is really annoying, so, after about twelve phone calls over the four months I’ve known exactly when I’d be in Germany, including two euros in payphone fees, I gave up and decided to pay for everything in cash.

I’ll be (well, I’ll have arrived, given that I’m posting this late) in Princeton for the P-rade. Then I’ll go to Duluth for three weeks as a Nathan (three years ago, when both advisors were named Nathan, they switched their first names and their job titles), then to Mathcamp as a mentor. Yay!