Today was a last ditch going-through-the-list-of-touristy-things-I-want-to-do-before-I-go day with Sucrose and Discord. First a two-ish hour caving trip (in a group of 5 plus a guide). Unlike before, which was basically a walk through caves, this had real crawling through tunnels with hard hats (whew!) and headlamps. Also, the caves are a much more reasonable temperature than outside.

Then the Sze’chenyi fürdo” (baths), which, despite many recommendations, I hadn’t visited.

Finally, the opera, Madame Butterfly, with subtitles in Hungarian and singing in a language that I figured out about an hour in was Italian. (It took that long not to recognize the language from the words, but to make out more than one or two actual words. Discord and Sucrose, when they went to an opera two days ago with Hungarian singing and English subtitles, probably understood it better than the Hungarians.) Fun practice figuring out the Hungarian and the plot simultaneously. Also, the opera building is pretty: