Today was the American Fulbright grantees’ conference, which, unlike the Hungarians’ one, not many (or none?) of the Hungarians attended—probably fortunate, since almost all of our talks ran over, and one of the two that didn’t was a videotaped talk sent in by someone who couldn’t make it to Budapest that had to be cut short to avoid losing our lunch reservation to lateness. The other such videotaped talk ran long, which seems like particularly poor planning.

Mine I finished on time, although that’s mostly because I preemptively gave up on talking about any math and just gave a mini contest linguistics lecture, which people seemed to enjoy.

The delay caused a bit of logistical difficulty for my next talk, a contest linguistics seminar scheduled at BSM for which I hadn’t yet printed the sheets. I hurried back to my flat between the end of the Fulbright talks and the Fulbright lunch, printed the sheets, hurried to the Fulbright lunch in time to eat there and make it to my BSM talk. (The Fulbright talks and Fulbright lunch were both on the way from my flat to BSM.)

The BSM contest linguistics talk, being longer (90 minutes instead of 15) and for mathematicians, was much harder, and went about as expected; mathematicians reliably like (or at least get sucked into) and do well on IOL number system problems.