The organizer of the UK Linguistics Olympiad, whom, since he helps on the English-speaking countries’ joint linguistics olympiad problem committee, I’ve exchanged many emails with over the last few years, was in Budapest to give a talk on “Education & Linguistics,” so, when my mentioning that there’d be a Hungarian Linguistics Olympiad prompted him to ask who I was and, having seen my name tag, why I was there, I got to violate some Gricean maxims by saying “for your talk.”* (I later explained that I’m in Hungary this whole year and just happened to hear about his talk.)

I’d talk about the content of the talk itself, but there wasn’t really any; this is the sort of thing that’d normally annoy me a lot, but I was still too happy at getting hired by Mathcamp to think about such things. Anyway, I got to advertise the MNyD to a bunch of Hungarian teachers interested in linguistics, which is what mattered.

*Whee; long sentence.