I woke up at 6am, well before everyone else, probably since last night had a party scheduled until 1am. No lines for breakfast, of course. 🙂

After one final short walk around Alexanderplatz, I packed and left for the train station, then spent the whole day in transit home.

On the way back, I read the rules to a board game I’d gotten in Berlin. Four pages, all in German, plus about that much text again on the rest of the game. It was slow going, but I got all but two sentences, without a dictionary or internet access. It’s nice to know that the German I taught myself a few years ago is enough for something, but a bit depressing to compare with Hungarian, which, despite having studied much more, I can’t usually read a whole paragraph in without missing a few sentences or using a dictionary. Such a difference cognates make. (Perhaps it’s not a fair comparison: the board game rules were probably written to be read by non-native German speakers.)