The day started with Fulbright talks in “The Pregnant Oyster,” as Berliners (the citizens, not the donuts) call the Haus der Kulturen der Welt for its shape. Awfully boring talks (“networking” was the theme), but at least they started and ended on time. Then lunch in a restaurant called the “Oyster” for the same reason.

In the afternoon were scheduled two optional talks that I suspected would be, and that people who attended them confirmed were, very boring, so I took the long way back, seeing the Victory Column in the center of Berlin (for victory in some of Germany’s wars of reunification), the central park around it, and the Brandenburg Gate. More on all of that when I’ve transferred pictures from my phone.

Finally, another talk at the foreign office, which, despite that it’s three blocks from our hotel, buses were chartered for us to take to.