Arrived in Berlin at 9:46 today, and took the local train to the Fulbright seminar hotel. All the trains ran on time, down to the minute, as stereotypical for Germany. (The announcement boards have columns to display how late the trains are, and they were all blank.) Train travel is so much more relaxing than plane travel: I can (and did) actually sleep on the train, but not on planes; there’s no security to wait through and plan packing around; I can (and did) just buy a ticket on the same day and, without any comparison shopping, get it cheaper than any plane; and the trip to and from the train station is shorter than the trip to and from the airport.

After arriving and putting my stuff away, I went up the Berlin TV Tower. More about that in some post after I return: I only brought one charger, so I’m letting my phone (with pictures) recharge in my room while I use wifi on my laptop.

Then we went on a tour of the Wall and other cold war remnants. More on that after I return, for the same reason.

The weather here was unpleasantly sunny but not too hot for a while, but then a nice mist set in, just like Seattle. 🙂