Today was a Hungarian national holiday (the anniversary of the start of a revolution of theirs against Austria), so I kept busy with American stuff: grading NACLO papers (107 down, an unknown number to go) and, most importantly, a Mathcamp mentor job interview.

The interview went basically quite well, except, ironically, for the one question I’d prepared specifically for, the classic student who thinks everyone else is smarter. (There are at least two of them everywhere, which is, of course, paradoxical, and I’ve never figured out a really satisfying way to talk with them.)

I did learn that calling internationally from my Hungarian phone isn’t that expensive. (I used Google Voice to call from America at first, but the quality wasn’t good enough, then the Hungarian phone (which I’d loaded up yesterday for just such a contingency) for about 10 minutes for ~$2, then, after a mysterious disconnection, back to Google Voice, whose quality seemed better again.)