There was a two-hour Fulbright meeting today, all but five minutes of which was taken up by having everyone listen to every grantee’s description of how their project was going (one circuit of the table) and how life in Hungary is (another circuit). I’ve stopped being amazed at how much some people can talk without actually saying anything, and spent my time thinking about the Mystery Hunt, taking a long bathroom break, and figuring out how to give a complete answer of my own to those questions in one or two sentences.

In the other five minutes, we were asked to write a paper about our research for a Hungarian Fulbright conference next month. The requirements were clearly designed for humanities people: “The paper should be in MS-Word format (.doc or .rtf)” (the other mathematician there and I protested simultaneously; I finished his sentence) and “between 10-20 pages” (for a nonmathematical paper, that’s about half the length of a paper I wrote as a high school freshman; for a math paper, that’s about the length of my Princeton senior thesis). The Fulbright staff are reasonable, though; a pdf’s fine, and I’ll include a section on my problem-solving teaching that’ll easily hit that page range anyway.