My smartphone is back! Whew. I feel a little silly about the fix, though:

I’d played around with taking it apart and such, because the last time I’d seen it alive was when I started to take a picture in a palace on Saturday, realized it wasn’t allowed (for preservation, I think), and simultaneously jerked it back and tried to cover the flash bulb, which I thought might’ve disconnected something. I hadn’t used it much that day, so I thought it still had plenty of charge, and just in case, I’d tried turning it on while plugged in, to no avail.

The charger comes in two parts: American plug to USB, and USB to phone. I hadn’t thought to test that, since I thought the phone had plenty of power left when it died, but on a whim, I tried plugging the USB part into my computer to see whether the computer’d recognize it, and it turns out that the phone was out of charge, and it was just the American power-to-USB converter that’s dead.

I’ll have to charge it from my computer from now on, but I can live with that.

This isn’t why I missed the last few blog posts (mostly I just forgot), although it’d’ve made a good excuse.