One project I’ve been working on occasionally (with fairly low priority, unfortunately) is to get Hungary to send a team to the International Linguistics Olympiad—this year’d be a good one for them to start, since the IOL’ll be in Slovenia, which borders Hungary, this year.

Mostly, this has meant looking for a Hungarian Dragomir Radev, the computational linguistics professor who started and runs the US’s linguistics olympiad. (There are other people involved, but he was both necessary and sufficient.) In particular, since I didn’t manage to learn enough Hungarian to advertise to monolingual Hungarians or translate problems myself, the olympiad’d be small without one, and since I’m leaving next year, it’d die out without one.

Unfortunately, none of the most promising leads (basically everything more promising than cold calls) has born fruit, and deadlines are looming, so I have to decide whether to hold a short olympiad for a few people to select a team, hoping that someone who sees it will take the idea and run. Probably not.