Until today, I thought I had an awkward choice of summer plans: I had offers to teach at three nonconflicting high schoolers’ math summer camps and an offer to be an advisor at Duluth, but I wouldn’t hear from Mathcamp until too late for Duluth, although in time for the other camps. So either I could take Duluth, my second choice, or wait for Mathcamp, my first choice, and risk getting neither of those if they didn’t hire me. (I was going with the latter choice—I’d say “Mathcamp über alles!”, but that’dn’t go well with that La Marseillaise is one of Mathcamp’s anthems. Ham sandwich grass papaya!)

Today, that awkwardness marvelously worked itself out: I’ll start as an advisor at Duluth, and can leave early for Mathcamp if I’m hired as a mentor.

I’ll miss MOP. I enjoy being there more, although I think I’ll do more good at Duluth. Of course, I both enjoy being at more and think I’d do more good at Mathcamp (although for less pay) than either of them, so I can’t actually call my summer plans fortuitous yet.

Also, this means I won’t make it home until August; alas. I will probably nevertheless get more time at home than last summer, though.