Programming environments are called “rich” if they include features intended to make programming easier (beyond, say, just a compiler), like automatically matching parentheses or suggesting completions to a command you’ve typed the first few letters of.

Automatically suggested completions are distracting, and I’ve yet to find a parenthesis matcher that’s not awfully buggy (for instance, TeXMakerX, the TeX compiler I’ve been using since TeXnicCenter’s “stable” release version started crashing regularly, creates a right parenthesis whenever you type a left one, but leaves it an orphan if you delete the left parenthesis—to say nothing of the hassle of half-open intervals.)

Therefore, I’ve been doing all my programming for about two years now in Google Scratchpad, the Somalia of programming environments. No such well-meaning hassles, and it automatically stays visible in my sidebar when I maximize another window, like an actual compiler to paste into when necessary.

Today, though, an automatic update started replacing “this” with “this” and ‘this’ with ‘this’, which is hardly even visible, useless, and breaks both TeX and Python. Somalia’s gotten too rich for me.