The second problem solving class I taught this semester was today.

Seven people were there, down from 11 the first week, a much less sharp drop than at the start of last semester. I don’t think that that’s because the first class was better than the first class last semester; rather, that more people tried the class last semester because it was on a weekday time when they were already at the BSM building, and that more of them left because it was on a weekday when they were exhausted from classes and loaded with homework. (It’s common for all BSM classes to drop after the first week as people finish shopping, so I’m not worried about that there was a drop; I’ll just hope to keep these seven.)

The class went excellently—the difficulty was about right, with everyone finishing between two and four of the six problems; and my lecture (split into several small parts with time for them to work on problems in between) covered everything I’d planned to smoothly, and with a few offhand comments that the class turned into jokes. 🙂