Back in September, I snail-mailed a form requesting an absentee ballot to my home county’s elections office, and USPS returned it as undeliverable. Some of my snail mail has reached the US, though, so I put that returned envelope, still unopened and marked as undeliverable, into another envelope and sent it to my parents to bring into the elections office in person.

I just got back that envelope, too, which also made it all the way to America only to be returned as undeliverable. Incredulous, I confirmed with someone nearby that the handwriting was legible. Anyway, now I have a letter marked as undeliverable in which, if you hold it up to the light right, you can see another letter marked as undeliverable. I considered sending it off again to see if I could get a letter containing a letter containing a letter returned as undeliverable returned as undeliverable returned as undeliverable, but that’d risk its actually getting delivered three months after the election.

I also got back as undeliverable some original receipts from my travel hither whose having gone missing in the mail made my getting reimbursed harder, although I got that worked out two months ago.

Also, I’ve now gotten 12 to 17 weeks’ worth of summer math teaching job offers, but I’m still waiting to (submit my application for and) hear about the lowest-paid and heaviest-workload position, at Mathcamp, which takes priority. If only I could trade in some of those other offers….