Another board game night, with three games: six-player Dominion, played mostly in Hungarian (and with so many spies and the like played that I now know several ways to say “discard it” and “keep it” in Hungarian), which I lost, a six-player game called Dungeon Fighter that I hadn’t played before and don’t intend to play again (summary of the rules: find something else to do, like reading another game’s rules, and once every ten minutes or so, throw a die that someone passes around to you at a board, until someone eventually announces that the group lost), and thrice-expanded Race, against someone else who’s played hundreds of games!

In one memorable game, my two opponents both started uplift strategies (surprising enough, given that there are hardly enough uplift cards in the deck for one) while I, as Galactic Developers, raced to the end in developments, finishing in 6 turns. That caught the less-experienced opponent off guard, and the final score was 66-34-7. I think 66/7 is the largest factor by which I’ve won in Race, a record which my dad’s probably happy to lose. (I don’t remember the largest absolute margin I’ve won by, but it’s almost certainly larger.)