Wifi was down for most of today, and I had to survive on my phone data connection. (Hence this won’t be posted until tomorrow.)

I just discovered that there’s a place that sells German-style board games less than 3 minutes’ walk from where I live, with board game nights every Wednesday. How did this take me six months? My poor Hungarian’s a problem, but it was good enough to get into a game of Galaxy Trucker with four people, such that each person knew exactly two of English, Hungarian, and the rules, with all three combinations represented. 🙂

Unfortunately, before I discovered it, I’d made plans to meet some AIT (roughly, BSM for computer science) people, including one Mathcamper and one Mathcamper’s sibling, for dinner, so I had to leave early. Among other fun things, we got to play several rounds of contact, which I’dn’t gotten to play for ages, and several of them had heard of both SET and Mao, which gives me hope for Set Mao this semester.