For my Fulbright midterm report, I had to figure out my approximate expenditures here (which won’t affect my own grant amount, but might affect future grantees’). On the off chance that someone reading this is considering their own Fulbright—I got the idea for this blog from someone else keeping one while studying in Budapest last year—here they are:

Monthly expenses:

Housing (incl. internet): 83000 HUF
Water, gas, power: 10000 HUF
Phone with data plan: 2000 HUF
Food: 80000 HUF
Transit: 9800 HUF
Other: ~4000 HUF

Setup expenses:

Travel: $2500 ($1500 reimbursed by Princeton and $1000 by the Fulbright; expensive due to a fantastically constrained schedule between the ILO and IMC).
Other settling in: 100000 HUF (mostly for an 80000 HUF language course)

Other miscellaneous expenses:

Books: 4000 HUF
Other travel: ~$400
Other: ~$100