On 01/22 I finally went to see the classic touristy stuff here—the Hagia Sofia, Byzantium itself (the part that held out against the Ottomans was a fairly small part of the modern city), and an archeological museum. Notable sights:

Kitties! The one on top got settled in on my knee and, when the other one arrived a minute later, used it as a platform from which to attack from above.

Multiplication table-ts: the archeological museum had a multiplication table tablet from several millennia ago.

Lots of signs of incomplete renovations of the Hagia Sofia—some tiles out of place:

… and some traces of the incomplete erasure of the previous cult’s symbols:

On the other hand, they seem to have hired a member of that cult to do some of their tourist plaque translations, since I don’t think the current cult’d want to be called a cult:

Finally, there was a garden in the shape of some Ottoman calligraphic writing (this went on for a few hundred meters).