At Princeton, there were 28 meals per week that one could use the meal plan for: breakfast 5 days a week, brunch 2 days a week, lunch 5 days a week, late lunch 5 days a week, dinner 7 days a week, and late dinner 4 days a week. The late meals were introduced for people whose classes conflicted with the standard ones, but one could go to both, so I ended up eating an average of almost four meals a day. (Smaller meals than I’d’ve eaten otherwise, of course.)

Here, since each meal requires not ~5 minutes of effort but ~30 (whether to walk to a restaurant, wait for food, and walk back or to prepare food and clean up), I’ve ended up eating more like two (big) meals per day, or one and two snacks.

Today, when I got to three meals for the first time in a while, I decided, for old times’ sake, to have a fourth.