While I was in Turkey, I had internet access but not time, so I read emails and starred the ones I needed to act on. When I got back from Turkey on the 23rd, I realized I had 30 starred emails—plus a NACLO grader program to recode, a class to catch up on (I thought it’d be on Tuesdays and that I’d therefore not miss a day of it, but it turned out to be on Fridays), and, worst, a Fulbright midterm report to submit.

I’ve said, only half jokingly, that my main reason for taking the Fulbright is to have an extra year before going through the ritualized bragging of college/job applications again, since college applications and grad school applications are two of the four extended periods of my life that I’ve been really unhappy with. Unfortunately, the Fulbright reports are like mini applications: essays with 1500-character limits, a webform that (falsely) claims to be “only supported by Internet Explorer 5.5 and above” and has 20-minute timeouts (which brought back nasty memories of my Waterloo application, for which, for several reasons, I had to rewrite the same essays three times), and, worst, ritualized bragging.

Anyway, the Fulbright report used up all my energy for any sort of talking about myself. The last week I’ve mostly spent starting to look at the report, forcing myself to work on it a bit, and either being really productive on something less boring that needed doing (those 30 starred emails and NACLO grader seemed to disappear in no time) or collapsing into Google News or similar internet distractions—and this is much easier than grad school applications!

I won’t make up the blog posts I missed in the last seven days, although I’ll post a few happier things from them later.

For being on the third place team at the Mathcamp Reunion 2010 mellow relays, I won three pieces of candy: a Reese’s, a minipack of Skittles, and a two-piece pack of Starburst. I ate the Reese’s immediately, the Skittles as detox after submitting my last grad school application, and the first of the Starburst now. That leaves one Starburst for my final Fulbright report, and then I’ll have to hope for another Mathcamp reunion. 🙂