Yesterday was another day of boardgaming, this time at Bog(azic,i University’s computer science department’s lounge. The games were:

Fief: important decisions are about as rare as in Monopoly—there’s plenty of stuff to do, but in the end people basically have either 1 or 2 points, and spend their time watching for a chance to get a third or an ally to win. Two of the players quit in frustration after one foiled the other’s attempt to finish the game, and the other three of us decided not to keep playing.

El Grande: the other players had all played a game that they called similar but more fun, Ratis, so they didn’t much like it, but I thought it was fun.

Carcassonne: someone brought the big-box version with all five expansions. It was some of the players’ first time, so we only used one expansion, but it was at least one of the three we hadn’t seen before. Also, it was the first game I’ve seen where the winner wasn’t just the best farmer—everyone else placed farmers so aggressively that they didn’t take much time for other stuff, and, in particular, the person who ended up winning the farms (with 5 farmers!) had not much else but one big city, which I stole from her with a lucky tile at the last minute to shoot into first. (I went against my instincts and avoided placing farmers at all, since the board was so full of them, but even the minor farmer players would probably have beaten me if I’dn’t been so lucky.)

Race, thrice expanded: 🙂