Started yesterday with a protest (apparently fairly large

by Turkish standards) on the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Hrant Dink, an Armenian Turkish journalist, by a nationalist Turk. The protest’s actual requests were somewhat vaguely defined—the closest thing to one seemed to be an implied request to reopen the murder case against the suspected coconspirators, who were recently acquitted for lack of evidence—although, of course, by Occupy standards, it was a model of coherentness. Unfortunately, the Princeton professor in Turkey this year who informed us about the protest in the first place was nowhere to be found.

Thence we went to a boardgaming cafe, with about 20 Turkish boardgamers, mostly computer science students from Bog*azic,i, Turkey’s main university. I finally got to learn and play 7 wonders for the first time, which I’d seen at the start of last year’s Mystery Hunt but not had time to play, and placed third. Then I won the second game of it,  which people dismissed as because the person to my right fed me good cards (although she placed second). Then I sat quietly through a game of Imperial (having read the rules) while people feuded over tiny things and generally ignored me, to the point where the second place person declared victory and graciously shook the third-place person’s hand until I announced my score.


Sometime around then, someone asked what my Princeton GPA was. I said it and explained that Princeton’s grades are (still) inflated, but they immediately changed their minds about my victories. There was someone planning to go to Harvard for grad school there, so I had to keep winning, of course—Vinci, by miles, and The Resistance, easily, and then it was time to go.