The hunt is really only taking two hours or so of my time every day now, but the other stuff I’m doing (learning more Hungarian by reading a short stories book, which is apparently famous enough that two of the waiters at my favorite restaurant here mentioned it, working mostly progresslessly on two research ideas) ‘s details aren’t of interest to most of the people I know are reading this.

Another of my favorite puzzles from it:

Diplomacy Twister
After Adam invented it, the initial attempt at playing Diplomacy Twister didn’t
quite catch on, but the eighth attempt went better. There’s a good reason I
can’t play, but I don’t quite remember what it is…
AEG – VEN Savage and undiplomatic
ALB – ION Twisted donut
ALB – SEV What diplomats might solve
BAR – BLA Twister direction, in Australia
BER – SKA Twister scale
BUL – SEV A bunch of twisters in order, perhaps?
BUL – VIE Ill-tempered, like a poor diplomat
CLY – WAL When British diplomats take a break
DEN – SWE NM town that makes twist flatware
EDI – BAR Flat, round, untwisted shape
EDI – YOR A claim of rights, if a bit undiplomatic
ENG – SPA Brief diplomatic appearance
ENG – VIE Something you want, in Diplomacy
HEL – VIE Hurried stenographer, maybe at the UN?
HOL – VIE Twisting and diving sea creature
ION – PRU Practical diplomacy or politics
KIE – VIE State, as a diplomat often must
LON – CLY Where to take refuge from a twister
LON – NRG Cornerstone of a diplomatic argument
LVN – FIN “War” fought by diplomats
NAF – EAS Wide part of a twisting river
POR – BEL Dog breed with twisted hair
POR – BUR Naked people playing Twister, perhaps?
POR – NAF Sheriff’s helpers, not noted for their diplomacy
POR – NAO More powerful diplomatic tool than a sword
SEV – VIE More resistant and unfeeling (undiplomatically)
SWE – NRG What you might send if a twister is coming
SYR – EAS A diplomat who takes bribes?
SYR – SMY Untwisted, like a path
TUN – SMY Unwilling to twist the rules
UKR – BEL Undiplomatic outburst syndrome namesake
WAL – TUN Diplomats need this to even get into the room
WAR – DEN What a twisting googly might take
WAR – FIN Unrestrained, like a twister

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