I’m no longer certain that the hunt was half done on day 6.

(Actually, it probably was half done in terms of time spent—we’ve run into a stretch of less well done puzzles, and mostly lost interest because of them; I’m no longer spending nearly so much time on it.)

One good puzzle (by either Rob Speer or someone anonymous on Manic Sages):

Three is a Magic Number
American veterans organization
Big East school
Caltech/NASA institute
Central banking system
Common windows extension
Country in Oceania
Digital logic gate
Electrical energy unit
Eponymous wrestling finisher
High-speed train
Home shopping network
Israeli instant messenger
Japanese television company
Key nightclub figures
Lofty naval rank
Musical parody composer
Numeric postal identifier
QCD suppression rule
Relic thermal radiation
Russian intelligence agency
Song by Rush
StuffIt Expander decompressible
Subway system operator
Twentieth century president
Very popular sandwich