The sun rose at 7:29 and set at 15:56 today, the shortest day of the year. Accordingly, it’s also the time of year when lots of things are wrapping up—both Budapest Semesters in Mathematics and Alfréd Rényi math institute had their end-of-year parties today.

BSM announced the local problem solving competition results—congratulations to Julian Sahasrabudhe (29/60), Sam Cohn (24/60), Michael Donders (23/60), and Yifei Sun (23/60) for being the top three-and-tied. (BSM’s team for the International Math Competition this year’ll also be selected from them and their spring semester counterparts.)

AR had yummy food and a concert where two of the four people were on recorders for all but one piece, and that last piece was played on leaves, rocks, and such and a cactus hooked up to a microphone. This seemed very Mathcamp-y.