Only on three days a week do I have anything I’d have to get up before, say, 3pm for. However, as a dead giveaway that I haven’t adopted MIT culture yet, I still keep a fairly reasonable sleep schedule—1am to 10am is probably the 90th percentile (on the later side)—sometimes I get into some project or other and stay up later.

That’s for sleeping. Getting out of bed is another story—since all the work I do is on my computer or on paper that’s within arm’s reach of my bed, I don’t need to get out of bed on those days until I’m hungry, sometimes into the afternoon.

Also, being involved in a Set Mao game with people in time zones around the globe*, and mostly in America, keeps me from drifting much later.

*Geographically, just Europe and the US, but at least one of them’s sleep schedule might as well be in Tibet.