I woke up early enough to finish at 9am one idea that’d been churning in the back of my mind for months, was in algebraic number theory class for two hours, put on sarongs that’d been shipped to me (after I’d missed them at the IMC awards ceremony) to give a 90-minute talk on my thesis research at Alfre’d Re’nyi that I’d been preparing for for a week or so (and which went well—No embarrassing moments; people understood well enough to ask relevant questions that I answered nonawkwardly; the head of the seminar said it was very clear, and when I asked him whether I could’ve gone faster or should’ve done anything differently, he struggled for a bit trying to find something to say), and brought Race for the Galaxy and Set to a party at the BSM building for which I’d been asked to bring and teach games (although it turned out that people were only interested in Taboo), and am about to start Set Mao. Whew! Today is a very good day.