I’ve mentioned that another BSM student is stealing from public transit. The American consulate, back open after Thanksgiving, said they couldn’t do anything about it, but they gave me another number for BKV (the public transit’s acronym) to try. The people at that number couldn’t help, but gave me an address where I might be able to report it. The people at that address couldn’t help, but gave me another address where, if I could report it anywhere, I could. That address turned out to be mistaken, but the people at the correct address two doors down finally… confirmed that they don’t take reports, and just rely on peoples’ honesty and the (nihilpresent) ticket controllers.

It’s annoying how much time I’ve spent on this, but I can’t really complain, since the time I’ve spent is worth less than the ~$150 he’s stolen so far, even ignoring the societal benefits (of, in general, punishing prisoners’ dilemma defections).

Anyway, his college doesn’t have an honor code (appropriately enough), but I’m making one last try, via his college dean, before I just give up, post his name, and be done with it.