Two months ago, I reported a rental car company for tax evasion—I knew abstractly that Hungary has a tax evasion problem, but I was shocked that they advertised it in an email to prospective renters.

I knew abstractly that people often rode public transit without paying for it, but I was similarly surprised to hear a BSM student publicly and nonchalantly admit to it. I tried to talk him out of it, and he refused, saying (correctly, sadly) that, given ticket inspectors’ rarity, the expected value of fines is much smaller than the cost of riding legally. This seems somehow worse than Hungarian tax evasion, because it’s not even a Hungarian citizen stealing from the Hungarian public but an American.

I also repeated a request to stop a week later, to the same no response. I checked today that there’s no way to report someone for it; they rely on the inspectors to catch people. I’m out of ideas for dealing with him.