I did the 24-Hour Puzzle Competition from 9am yesterday to 9am today: 13 rounds of 100 minutes each, with ten or twenty minute breaks in between. No substitute for the Mystery Hunt, but great fun.

I think I was the only contestant (of 26) who hadn’t just participated in the weeklong World Puzzle Championships, with similar puzzles, so I started out slowly: 25th of 26 in the results published after the first round. (Not a place I’m used to being.) Over the course of the contest, with on-the-job practice, I caught up to about the middle of the pack in each round, even as everyone got sleep-deprived, which I think I handle worse than average.

I got back to the Budapest train station three blocks from BSM right as my Hungarian class was starting—convenient. I probably got less out of it than usual due to sleep deprivation; I’ll see how much of it I retain.