Ok, I didn’t actually see a mouse: I spent the day sightseeing in Eger, which also means “mouse” in Hungarian. First, the castle, which an Ottoman sultan (Suleiman) died besieging, but which fell eventually. Maybe because, although most of the cannons were pointed out little holes in the walls, some were pointed at little holes way inside the walls:

Also saw a display of medieval weapons and modern wax figurines, and some other castle-y stuff: walls, small stone passages, and such:

Part two of sightseeing (after lunch) was the minaret. The Christians are surely surer than ever their religion’s right because they conquered it, and the Muslims are surely surer than ever that theirs is because all the king’s oxen and all the king’s men couldn’t pull it back down again. I climbed it, and took a picture back in the direction of the previous one, at the center of which you can, if you look closely, see the minaret.

Part three of the sightseeing: two cute and very friendly kitties. (I wonder whether, living in Eger, they have many actual eger to chase.) Szia, cica!