I had my first math test in Hungary today, in Ervin Győri’s extremal combinatorics class at CEU. It was similar in style to Princeton tests (problem-solving, that is; in contrast, I’ve heard from Cambridge Part III-ers that their exams involve a lot of lecture note memorization), but much easier relative to the difficulty of the class than tests at Princeton: I finished in half the allotted time and left early. (I can’t’ve been first by much, because another student corrected a typo in problem 5 (of 7) a few minutes before I got to it.)

That gave me an extra hour before my Hungarian class, so I walked down Andrássy út, Budapest’s main boulevard, to Heroes’ Square. I’d seen this:

before on a guided tour—a bunch of marble figures with crosses. Being alone, though, I got to explore a little farther, and found a nice park behind it: