Ráday utca, the street where I live, is dominated by restaurants: there’s about one every 15 meters. With so many options, surely one of them would be good for me, right?

Unfortunately, they’re all about the same: they’re all expensive (by Hungarian standards: that is, $10-$15/meal); they all cater to tourists, with prices usually posted in both forint and euros; they’re all meat-heavy, usually with just a token vegetarian dish or two whose selling point is only that it’s vegetarian; even the menus look basically the same from place to place.

Accordingly, I’ve only been to about 4 of them, once each; I usually walk one block farther, at which distance there are several good (and cheap!) restaurants. But today, as I was walking to one of the latter, I saw a two-meter-wide storefront on Ráday utca that I hadn’t noticed before, which turned out to be not like the rest, and to sell palacsinta (roughly, crepes) fit for a meal for about $2.50. Yay!