I hypothesized before that every trip on the Budapest transit system takes 30 minutes, minus 1 per week you’ve been in Budapest. Unfortunately, that system has been breaking down recently in a big way: one or two of my trips recently took about twice that long.

This suggests a new model, though: the time it takes to travel somewhere is inherently some boring function of distance, planning, the time of day, and luck, but it’s quantized! The size of the quanta decrease over time, like in the previous model: 30 minutes, minus 1 per week.

This model actually makes a lot of sense—it has analogs outside transit times and everything! This even solves the problem of what’ll happen after 30 weeks, when the quanta are negative times: there’ll just be a negative number of them, so that, for instance, you can take a trip of duration -5 quanta of -5 minutes. This still means there’ll be a problem for an instant at week 30, though. Again, have to wait and see.