On the metro, there are currently ads everywhere with symbols of crosses, saying (in Hungarian) “We are Catholic. Census 2011” or “Tell them you’re Protestant. Census 2011.” This is really disturbing. It’s clear why they’re doing so, of course: they must get funding or something that depends on the census’s count of their population, and want to boost the count.

What sort of people will be affected by such ads, though? People who actually believe that junk aren’t shy about admitting it (although they sometimes like to claim that people are); it’s people who don’t actually follow a religious mental model but are kept in by social pressures that’ll be moved to write the religion they were born in.

At least this beats the way that Spain does it (the Spanish Catholic church claims anyone who’s baptized as Catholic, unless they’ve gotten a certificate of apostasy), or Islam (you’re allowed to convert to Islam, but not from it), or the Bush-Obama “faith-based initiative” (which gives money in proportion to religions’ political influence, not even population).