Today we Fulbrighters went sightseeing in Sopron. The guide said that that some letters were golden in the following statue didn’t mean anything—why are people so uncurious?—

solution at the post’s end, in case you want to try it yourself first. There were also some Roman ruins

and a Roman road with a non-Roman plaque,

with the distance to Danzig given in kilometers and miles, but with a conversion of 1.5 km per Roman mile, which is neither the normal mile-km conversion nor our best guess at the Roman mile.

Finally, a church, where we saw gargoyles

supposedly representing sins. The one above is “devilish incredulity”—translated into simpler language, that’s “not believing what we tell you to, which we’ll specify is Satanic in case you’dn’t get it otherwise.”

Getting back just after dark, it was cold enough to wear my Princeton sweater for the first time, which made me homesick for Princeton. Then I saw a street fair a block from my flat, where I finally found (and bought) a proper sarong, which made me homesick for Mathcamp.

The golden letters on the statue are exactly the Roman numerals, and their sum is 1701, the date the monument was built.