I left for Szeged, Hungary’s second university town (and the only other one I’d heard of before coming) for a lecture there organized by BSM today. The lecture was good. After it, a few friends and I explored, vigorously debated whether bicycle racks or gravelly pathways make better benches (of course gravel does, and I don’t see why the people sitting on flat planks with backrests were laughing too hard to hard to confirm that bicycle racks are clearly worse)*, saw some bats, which might be a few pixels in this image:

, and played midnight contact for a while.

*This is the kind of group interaction that usually seems to get washed out in a race for the lowest common denominator in social groups of non-Mathcampers. (Two of the four I was exploring with were Mathcampers, if I remember correctly.) I miss Mathcamp.