A few BSM students rented a car from a company that said, in an email to them, that there was one price if they paid by cash, but that they’d have to charge 25% VAT if they paid by card. They weren’t going to report it, having rationalized it away somehow (as people find it depressingly easy to do when they benefit), so I did.

After lunch, I went to the closest police station. The two officers there didn’t speak English, but (slowly, with the help of Google Translate) I got across enough that they called another officer who did, who told me to go to a bigger police station a few blocks away.

The bigger police station also didn’t have English-speaking officers, and my Hungarian’s still not good enough, so they called a translator, who told me to try to get a receipt from them (unlikely, of course) and come back next Tuesday, 9/13.