Yesterday I went to Szentendre.

After returning from Skanzen, I split off from the group again to explore.

The most interesting sight I don’t have pictures of, because it was a micro art museum, of art that literally required microscopes to view.

The second-most interesting was a marzipan museum. Marzipan’s a sugary food with the consistency of playdough, 

making these fruits particularly unhealthy. Most of the exhibits were mythological scenes, though, like this one.

That caption is incompletely translated: it’s Little Red Riding Hood, a story which the Hungarians also have. Hey, how about a NACLO problem in which we give the Hungarian text and ask people to translate it? (That’s not intended seriously; it was a bad idea the first time.)

Finally, a copy of the Hungarian parliament building,

which actually looks quite a bit like the real thing, which I saw on the boat back.