Today about two thirds of the students at Babilon went on a trip organized by two of the teachers to Szentendre, a touristy town just north of Budapest. After teaching and playing contact with a few other students on the train, we went to a festival in Skanzen, where each region of Hungary was represented by a small village—for instance, the Upper Tisza (in NE Hungary) had this village:

(No, the entire village wasn’t that size; this map of it was the first I’ve seen of Hungarian Braille.)

There, I split off from the other groups, which all wanted to sample the wine (it was a wine festival), and explored a bit. The village had typical rustic food production methods (a quern (the Hungarian word for which, kézimalom, isn’t nearly as awesome) and beehives)

and typical rustic infrastructure (windmills and a little train).

Sadly, three of those four are distinctly superior to their counterparts in even the civilized half of America.

There was also a family tree posted on a wall:

After about three hours, we went back to Szentendre, which I’ll post about separately.