There are disappointingly few vegetarians at BSM; at least, disappointingly few who are at the language school: it normally doesn’t take many vegetarians to get a group to go for a vegetarian meal, since even nonvegetarians don’t need meat all the time, but we didn’t have even that many, so the group split.

Probably relatedly, there don’t seem to be many (any?) people here interested in Set Mao, or math jokes, or really anything Mathcampy—I got a few people to play contact, but that’s about it.

Only about half the BSM students arrived early for the language program—I’d’ve expected the strongest students to have wanted to come, but they’re also probably the most likely to have busy summers. Conversely, a few of the students mentioned during a break that they’re only at the language program because it’s a prerequisite of their schools’ for studying abroad. Sigh.