Linguists tend to get annoyed when you ask how many languages they know, not just because it’s hard to answer (does it count as knowing a language to be able to say “the werewolf built an apple tree with a sarong” in it?) but because that’s not what linguistics is about.

Nevertheless, being a linguist does actually help in the class, about like being a mathematician helps in CS classes: in theory, the CS people should be just as able (or more, since it’s their major), but in practice the mathematicians are always the top of the classes.

For instance, today (or maybe yesterday—posting this from 11/11/1, I don’t remember), our afternoon teacher assumed we’d already been taught about vowel harmony and started quizzing us on it, but due to some miscommunication, we hadn’t actually been taught it yet, but I figured it out immediately and had to tell the teacher that we hadn’t been taught it yet. Whee!