The summer school’s been organizing daily touristy trips—I’ve skipped most of them because I have a cold, and most of them I’ll do with the Fulbright (or BSM, or the language school, or by myself) later anyway. Today, though, I went on a trip to some caves (the Pál-Völgyi-Barlang) on the northern outskirts of Budapest. Some highlights [pun intended]:

-Lots of stalactite/stalagmite/rock formations like this one with creative names—this one’s the “organ.”

-This looks like a water droplet ready to fall, until you realize that the stuff on its sides is rock—it’s been there for a long time.

-The “witches’ cauldron”: supposedly if you shout your favorite food into it, it’ll be waiting for you when you leave the cave. (I bet they’ve done this occasionally to create a legend.) Unfortunately, I didn’t realize what food I should’ve called in until a minute after the group had moved on.