This is the first day of the Memphis-Budapest Combinatorics Summer School at Alfréd Rényi math institute, my official Fulbright host. I actually didn’t know about it until after I’d left Seattle (and hence well after I’d made my travel plans), and first heard about it when I heard that I’d have a separate roommate for it—I’d been planning to use these two weeks (before the start of an intensive language program) to finish up old research. Hence it fits perfectly with my schedule, and it’s in my favorite area of mathematics.

There are four classes, two of which run each day. Today’s classes were:
-Percolation, taught by (quite famous mathematician) Béla Bollobás. I didn’t enjoy it much today—lots of definitions, and it seems like all the results are going to be either easy or grunt work.
-Ramsey Theory, taught by Imre Leader. I was worried that this’d be boring, too, since I’ve seen bits of it at MOP, Mathcamp, and Princeton, but it was already into new and interesting stuff by the end of the class, and the professor’s great.