Nothing to do today but transit.

Two hour bus ride from Blagoevgrad to Sofia airport: the busses came to different places, so everyone tried and failed to crowd themselves onto the one bus they saw before someone announced the other one.

Half-hour taxi from Sofia airport to the train station: despite using the same taxi company that’d been reliable on my previous three trips from the Sofia airport (the one farthest right in the airport lobby), the taxi driver cheated me: ran the meter instead of going by the posted price for a trip from the aiport to the train station. It was only about $3 extra, so when our broken English conversation hadn’t gotten anywhere by the time we got to the airport, I just paid it. Annoying, though, since I then had to change $5 at the awful train station exchange rate.

The first 13 hours of an 18-hour train ride: train travel is much, much better than flying: cheaper, more comfortable (a bed, where, unlike plane seats, I could actually sleep), more productive (finally read Fantasia Mathematica, a book I’d gotten at Mathcamp 2007), and with real windows: