The IMC closing ceremony was much better run than in previous years. They still announce every single contestant’s name in order from lowest to highest score, but at least the person reading them this year could pronounce most of them, and it even started and finished on time. (Unlike previous years, the lowest-scoring few people didn’t come up, which might make them reconsider for future years.)

There was a catastrophe, though: I forgot my sarongs! I couldn’t go in front of 300-some contestants, for a good result, and not even look like a Mathcamper. I quickly developed a lanyard-removal function to compensate: not ideal, since people might think I was just claiming glory for kangaroos, but better than nothing. (Thanks for the idea, Yeastcake.)

The other person who solved all five the first day also did on the second day and got a Grand Grand First Prize. The IMC is the Garfield High School of prize inflation—they’ve announced, only half jokingly, that when even a “Grand Grand First Prize” no longer sounds impressive enough, the next level of prize will be called “Grand Great Grand First Prize.”

László Lovász (whom I coached at Mathcounts 7 years ago, and who’s also going to MIT for math grad school) passed me with 81/100 (I got 80/100); the two of us and two others got Grand First Prizes and 250-euro prizes. Still, third’s not bad. 🙂

The chronicles of careless IMC copy-pasting from previous years continue: my prize says it’s for IMC 2010.