I missed the excursion scheduled today to Rila monastery. I hadn’t been particularly enthusiastic about going, since it’d’ve been to the same place I went three years ago at the IMC, but I was planning to go anyway. The IMC, in one of its typical displays of organizational prowess, moved the departure time from 10:00 to 9:30 by writing it on a whiteboard in the lobby sometime the night before. (I was up at 7:30, but didn’t go downstairs until 9:55.) About 30 of us didn’t see the change.

I still have pictures of the monastery from three years ago, though:

My luggage finally arrived, containing my SET decks, so I got to play Set Mao with BSMers!

Finally found my team leader. Not much to talk about—I missed two points for one omission so small I didn’t bother to write it (apparently many people did likewise), but gained two points on another problem for progress so trivial I barely bothered to write it (again, apparently many people did likewise).