Arrived in Bulgaria today for the International Math Competition.

Flying east made this literally one of the shortest few days of my life, along with two previous eastward flights and almost every day I spent at Mathcamp.

Fairly tight connection in Paris, but not stressful. Apparently tight enough that they forgot to load my, and half the other people on the plane’s, bags, though, which caused an hour-long line at the lost baggage counter. Not a particularly pleasant experience when sleep-deprived, but after that delay, I made the second-last bus to Blagoevgrad, where the competition is. (I paid an exorbitant price to get from the IOL in Pittsburgh to the IMC in Bulgaria with a little margin for error; good thing.)

My American power converter and power strip blew out as soon as I plugged them into the Bulgarian outlet. Not an auspicious start, but there’s nothing I can do about it now. At least I’ll have 12 hours of sleep to recover from jet lag before the contest tomorrow.